Dive into the heart-pounding world of Barnes PRCA Rodeo as we unveil our action-packed schedule, featuring over 30 electrifying events across the country in 2023 that promise thrills and the unparalleled excitement of world-class rodeo.

Molalla Buckeroo Rodeo

July 1-4, 2024 (PRCA Arena Director)

Price County PRCA Rodeo

July 5-6, 2024 (PRCA Rodeo)

Winneshiek County Fair

Winneshiek County Fair

Jul 10, 2024 (PRCA Rodeo)

Decorah, IA

69th Heart of the North Rodeo

Jul 11-13, 2024 (PRCA Rodeo)

Wapello FFA Pro Rodeo

Jul 19-20, 2024 (PRCA Rodeo)

Rice County Fair

Jul 19, 2024 (PRCA Rodeo)

Ida County Fair

Jul 20, 2024 (Barnes Bull Riding Challenge)

Sac County Fair

Jul 24, 2024 (PRCA Rodeo)

Woodbury County Fair

Woodbury County Fair

Aug 1, 2024 (PRCA Rodeo)

Moville, IA

Stevens County Fair & PRCA Rodeo

Aug 10, 2024 (PRCA Rodeo)

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