Miles Jones, bullfighter ranked nationally

Miles Jones, bullfighter ranked nationally

Pro Rodeo Bullfighter Miles Jones added two consecutive wins to his rodeo resume' in the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) Freestyle Bullfights standings during the first week of August.  The 26-year-old won, the endorsed, PRCA Freestyle Bullfights in Dierks, Arkansas on Saturday August 5, 2017.   Three days prior he won the third-round of the Hill City, Kansas match with 81 points.  

"It meant a great deal.  I came in really needing to do good and to move up in the standings.  My goal was to crack into the top six," replied Jones. 

Five-time PRCA World Champion Bullfighter Rob Smets describes Jones as "hot young talent" and notably one of the top guys in the PRCA .  Smets continued, "He went to the Miles Hare and Rob Smets bullfighting school a few years ago and really got noticed and sharpened his skills."    

The Hickory, North Carolina native is currently ranked nationally among the top contestants in the world. Jones climbed to sixth place out of the field of 24 bullfighters. There are three events left before the season wraps up in Bonifay, Florida on October 7, 2017.  

Jones described the Arkansas pen of  bulls as, "fresh bulls, they'd never been fought - which makes guys a little more excited.  Younger bulls are unique to handle. You can really dress them up and do a lot of flashy stuff.  It makes for a prettier bullfight as they haven't really seen anything (moves) or developed tendencies," he explained.   

Freestyle bullfighting is a whole different side to the cowboy protection profession. Two-time PRCA World Champion Bullfighter Miles Hare describes it as a wild game of tag between man and beast. 

Pro Rodeo fans, committees and contestants attending Barnes PRCA Rodeos from Perry, Georgia to Spooner, Wisconsin and numerous stops between are privileged to see Jones' bullfighting ability up close and personal.  Jones along with a bullfighting colleague both partner to protect fallen bull riders during every rodeo performance.  Marty Barnes, owner of Barnes PRCA Rode hired Jones back in 2014 and he's consecutively been part of the crew the past four years.  

"It is great to have him early in his career. I'm excited to see the success he's having now and in the freestyle event as he goes out on his own and gets some very well deserved recognition," mentioned Barnes. 

During the Minnesota Horse Expo & PRCA Rodeo in April the Barnes' bull Killabrew showcased the high flying ability of Jones and his athleticism to maneuver the situation.  The Buffalo Championship Rodeo fans in Buffalo, Minnesota watched the speed and accuracy that Jones displayed during the freestyle finale with precise timing. "Killabrew is one of those bulls that really feels for a guy.  He knows where they are going to be when they hit the ground. He knows the game and is smart, intelligent and an opportunist. If he knows he's got a shot he'll get you," explained Jones.

Look for Jones to add to his gold buckle collection over his career. During his rookie PRCA year he won the 2014 NFR Bucking Stock Sale bullfighter buckle.  It was a goal he set and achieved.  His next short-term goal is being selected to work a circuit finals in the near future.  Ultimately he wants to be selected to work the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo one day.    

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