New Zealand cowboy ties 88-point arena record on Red Horse Crossin'

New Zealand cowboy ties 88-point arena record on Red Horse Crossin'

Cowboys collect paychecks riding Barnes' rough stock at Circuit Finals

Barnes PRCA Rodeo animal athletes continue to help contestants climb the standings this Spring.  The rank caliber of bucking horses at the Rafter B Bar are being noticed. Prorodeo cowboys are either making deposits or getting bucked off.   Red Horse Crossin' took Curtis Garton to the pay window at the Georgia National Rodeo in late February.  The Lake Charles, La. resident witnessed his fellow bronc rider,  Cort Scheer from Elsmere, Neb., take the lead with 84.50 points seconds earlier.  

The native New Zealand cowboy, Garton, was the last bronc rider of the third and final performance.  As the announcer hyped the credentialed mare, the sold out crowd waited for him to nod.   Words of encouragement came from none other than Marty Barnes himself.  "No pressure Curtis, but I have the arena record here," Barnes joked. 

The combination of Garton's riding and Red Horse Crossin'  bucking style shined.  Both cowboy and stock contractor were all smiles with the score.  They now share the 88-point saddle bronc arena record in Perry, Georgia.  Garton said during an interview later Barnes encouraged him further with, "go ahead and beat me." 

Garton who qualified for the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo (RNCFR) was hoping for a rematch with Red Horse Crossin' in Kissimmee, Florida.  The sorrel mare, the reigning Great Lakes Circuit Bronc of the Year, is also a 4x Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (WNFR) selection.   

"Our livestock responded well to the sunshine and atmosphere (in Florida). It is a feather in the hat and pat on the back - being selected to go there.  From day one Red Horse was among the top four in the final round. All did well," summed up Barnes.

South Dakotan Chuck Schmidt from Keldron drew Red Horse Crossin' at the RNCFR.  "I thought Chuck's riding style fit the horse and he'd sure have a shot at winning the final round.  Red Horse had a really good day.  Chuck made one mistake and she bucked him off," said Barnes.  Schmidt is currently ninth in the world standings race.  This past December Red Horse Crossin' threw off Cody, DeMoss from Heflin, La. in the sixth round of the WNFR.

The first three bareback horses out at the 30th annual RNCFR were Barnes PRCA Rodeo livestock -  Deep Springs (lineage of Crystal Springs the 1977 PRCA Bronc Horse of the Year), Frankie Scott and Hawley Falls.  Wyatt Bloom of Bend, Ore. split 2nd in the first go-round  with 82 points on Hawley Falls.  Bloom is currently ranked among the top 15 in the bareback riding. 

The Barnes' roster also included saddle bronc horse Katy plus bulls Ralco's Microfused and Butter Biscuit.  

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