St. Croix Valley PRCA Rodeo
Jun 16 - Jun 17

Glenwood City, WI

St. Croix Valley PRCA Rodeo

Glenwood City PRCA Rodeo 2017 Unofficial Results

BB  Dude Johnson from Bemidji, MN

TD  Steve Kuntz from North Branch, MN - 10.8

TR  Brent Spurgin from Eminence, MO/ Gabe Gwaltney from Carthage, MO – 6.7 seconds

SB  Jacob Lewis from St. Onge on 1Y3 Hampton Ballou and Tom Knight from Gunnedah, Australia on 2ZB Kyla- 79 points

SW  Levi Lassa from Merrill, WI – 9.4 seconds

GBR  Alexis Baratka from Phillips, WI - 16.11 seconds

BR   Coy Thorson from Fergus Falls, MN on Ada Been 90 - 84 points

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