Molalla Buckeroo
Jul 1 - Jul 4

Molalla, OR

Molalla Buckeroo

America's rodeos are living legacies of the working cowboy and cowgirl. Since its early beginnings the Molalla Buckeroo has become a classic example. 

The Fourth of July holiday is know as Cowboy Christmas in rodeo circles. Molalla's Buckeroo is one of the many that cowboys and other competitors have to choose from as the nation celebrates its birthday each summer.

The large number of rodeos in the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Northern California, offer many rodeos within easy traveling distance. They provide the men and women who make rodeo a part of their lives the opportunity to rack up points and purse money in a very short time.

Today's rodeo contestants stay in town only long enough to complete their rides, and then they're off to the next town, the next rodeo, and the next purse.

It was in 1913 that Molalla became part of that Cowboy Christmas list. Read more at

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