29th Wisconsin River Pro Rodeo
Jun 8 - Jun 10

Merrill, WI

29th Wisconsin River Pro Rodeo

The Wisconsin River Pro Rodeo was selected as the 2017 Small Committee of the Year by the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA). This marks the second time they have received this honor, the first acknowledgement came in 2011.   The WPRA has three categories small, medium and large rodeos which is all based on added prize money.  In the Small Committee of the Year category there are 467 rodeos across the country which are eligible for the award.    

The 2017 Unofficial Results:

BB  Mike Fred from Killdeer, ND on 1-36

TD  Blake Ash from Aurora, MO - 11.3 seconds

TR  Logan Olson from Flandreau, SD/Matt Kasner from Cody, NE – 5.9 seconds

SB  Logan Allen from Crecent, IA on Phillip Scott - 79 pts

SW  Kyle Whitaker from Chambers, NE – 4.3 seconds

GBR  Ashley Baur from Virnawood, WI - 17.74 seconds

BR   Freeman Yoder from Zearing, IA on #28

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